Vision of Sustainability

We Love Nature. Therefore We Act Responsibly


The world we inherited, should be preserved for future generations. As a company that produces plastic packaging, we understand our responsibility. That’s why we are using materials and solutions that minimize the impact on the environment.


Every Package – 100% Recyclable


We use polypropylene in the production of plastic packaging. Properly collected and returned, it can be reused numerous times.

In-mold labels (IML) are made from the same recyclable polypropylene. Therefore, users don’t need to separate from the rest of the packaging. It makes the recycling process even more accessible.

Each product indicates that it’s suitable for recycling. It separates polypropylene from other plastics and helps the user sort waste.

Technologies and Energy – Environmentally Friendly


We design our products to minimize raw materials and energy consumption.

Excessive energy from the production process is used to heat administrative and domestic premises. We cool the equipment with a closed-cycle system. We will turn up to 4000 sq. meters of building roofs into solar power plants.

The packaging, produced using modern equipment purchased from the world’s leading manufacturers, is functional and environmentally friendly.